VOX DIGITALI is a digital marketing agency that specializes in the Equine Industry

Who We Are

VOX DIGITALI is a digital marketing agency based in Zagreb, Croatia that focuses on the Equine Industry. The founder, Majda Pazman, is passionate about everything related to digital marketing.

Majda has also been an avid horse rider since 1998, and an active participant in the Equine Industry since 2011. Experience gained in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, the US, Japan, Namibia and South Africa provides her with deep understanding of the Equine Industry.

Equestrian Businesses broadly fall into one of two categories – the ones that are selling their product or services to lay persons and ones that are selling their product or services to other horsewomen and horsemen. Majda’s involvement with horses spanning 23 years gives her a deep understanding of both – enabling her to appeal to your clients’ specific needs.

Combining knowledge and skills gained in Europe with additional experience and training acquired in South Africa, Majda’s know-how will help your Equine Business navigate the digital marketing world.

Majda graduated with a Master’s Degree from the University of Zagreb in 2012. She was the head of the Ecommerce department of an international retail brand for 3 years which sparked her interest in digital marketing.

After acquiring further formal training with one of Croatia’s top private institutions and gaining additional experience in South Africa, she decided to combine her love of horses with her passion for digital marketing thus founding VOX DIGITALI who focuses on digital marketing in the Equine Industry.

majda pazman

The Name

The name VOX DIGITALI is derived from the Latin proverb Vox populi, which literally means Voice of the people. In today’s world, the latter phrase is used to refer to an idea or opinion that most people share. 

Today, the vast majority of people share in the digital idea in one way or another through the use of search engines, social media, online shopping, apps and all other means of digital interaction. Digital interactivity is possibly the strongest globally shared idea of our time.  

We believe that the digital voice is potentially the most powerful voice in today’s world and that it is very important to have a share in that voice.  

What We Stand For

Behind VOX DIGITALI stands a small team of enthusiasts that live by the principle ‘Quality not Quantity’. This principle ensures that we have the time to fully focus on our clients and their individual needs. We look forward to each new customer and we cannot wait to meet you!

We Would Love To Hear From You!

We work with national and global clients alike.