Facebook Ads for the Equine Industry

With Facebook paid advertising you can reach much wider audiences and find new highly targeted prospects for your Equine Business

Facebook Advertising can help you

Find more quality leadsnnnnnnnnnnaaa

Everyone has to ‘earn’ their place in the news feed. If you post interesting and engaging content, its reach increases, if people scroll past it, its reach decreases. But even if you have the most interesting content out there, the average reach of an organic post on Facebook is seen by only 5.2% of your followers. This is where paid advertising comes into play – depending on your targeting and budget, you can reach as many people as you want and show them why they need you and how you can help them.

Grow your communitynnnnnnnnnnn

The more quality prospects you reach with your Facebook Ads, the more likely it is that they will like and follow your page and that you will grow your community. Before people buy from you or do business with you they need to know you, like you, and trust you. By reaching quality prospects that will become part of your social media community you have already checked the ‘know you’ box. From there onwards you can start building on the other two elements – make them like you and make them trust you. Bigger social community also means more social proof which is a key factor toward building trust in people that are yet to get to know you.

Grow other channels of your business

Facebook Ads drive engagement with your business across all of your platforms: it can be set to run on Instagram too, it can increase your website traffic and it can work hand in hand with your SEO efforts.

Facebook Ads done right

Facebook Ads is the segment of digital marketing where it is very easy to see how all of your marketing efforts and strategies come together.


The very first step of the strategy development phase is to understand the market – to find out what your customers like, to get a sense of their personality and to determine what appeals to them. This is where we have a leg up on all of the other digital marketing agencies because we have years of international experience in the Equine Industry. Knowing your customers is what comes naturally to us and is what sets us apart.

Buyers Funnel

Understanding the buyers funnel is one of the most important elements, both in digital and traditional marketing. According to Zero Gravity Marketing the buyers funnel is a consumer-focused marketing model that illustrates the journey that your buyers take. Most leads do not become customers instantly; they travel down the funnel researching, comparing and evaluating before deciding your product or service is the one which they want to use. 

Understanding the steps that prospective buyers go through will help you market correctly to convert as many leads as possible into customers. At VOX DIGITALI we understand that having a powerful marketing funnel and getting it right is critical to running your business efficiently and successfully.

According to the AIDA model there are 4 stages of the buyers funnel and no matter what it is about, a buyer will always go through those steps before they buy something. The difference is only in the time that they will take to go through the steps – sometimes it is in seconds, other times months.

Steps of AIDA Buyers Funnel

Step 1 – Awareness: Before people can start buying from you they need to know that you exist. Establishing brand awareness is an important part of the sales process. This is also where you begin to build trust, show your competence and where you position yourself as an expert in the field.

Step 2 – Interest: Invoking interest about your product or services requires some thought and planning. In this step you need to convince potential buyers that they need what you offer. You must create a strong “story” around your idea. Your story should be relatable and should show your prospects how they can benefit.

Step 3 – Desire: The third step of the AIDA model is closely related to the second step. While building interest for your product or service, you must also establish an emotional connection to kindle your potential buyers’ desire in order to move their minds from ‘I like it’ to ‘I want it’.

Step 4 – Action: At this stage your prospects are as ready as they can get for them to finalize their purchase. If you have properly gone through all of the three steps above, the fourth step will happen without much further ado – your prospects just need a little giddy-up.

Win your audience over

Accurately going through the AIDA steps creating a compelling message for your audience that corresponds with the exact step they are going through at any given moment is what you need to do to win your potential customers over.

Why your Equine Business needs to advertise on Facebook

Facebook is the largest social network with over 2.91 billion active users. It is used all around the world for all kinds of purposes – for socializing, playing games, connecting with strangers and, of great import to us, also for discovering, connecting and learning about new brands, businesses, products and services.

For brands, the biggest challenge of advertising on Facebook is making sure the ads are seen by the right audience – i.e. those who are the most interested in what you have to offer and those that have the capacity to buy.
This is where all of your branding, business strategy, niching and ideal client avatars come together. Facebook Ads can be incredibly powerful, but if you don’t have all of the above in order your campaign will fall short of its potential.

Facebook Ads are great for targeting specific audiences in order to build brand awareness, trust and credibility to move the potential prospects down the buyers funnel.

Facebook Ads for the Equine Industry

Our Facebook Ads for the Equine Industry service includes:

Ads Creation

We live in a world saturated with advertising messages. No matter how we spend our time online, be it YouTube, Google, Social Media or other online platforms, we are constantly bombarded with ads. This led people to develop something called ‘banner blindness’ – a tendency to ignore page elements that they perceive (correctly or incorrectly) to be ads. Having that in mind, it is even more important than before to create ads that will capture your audience’s attention and ensure that they won’t just blindly scroll past your ad.

Audience Setup

If you offer water to a thirsty man in the desert, he will take it without any convincing or questions asked. Meaning – if you show or offer your product or services to someone in dire need of it they will purchase it easily. Making sure that your ads are displayed to the right audience is one of the most important elements of paid advertising on Facebook.


Facebook Ads are all about testing and optimization. For ads that show sub-optimal performance, you should always continue testing different headlines, different creatives, different texts and different audiences while at the same time promoting and maintaining ads that have shown themselves to be successful.

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